The APE Grid

APE™ Accented Characters

The APE Rule

All characters are drawn using a single tap or one continuous stroke.

The Accented characters allow APE ™ to support the entire English, Spanish, French and German alphabets, including those important characters ¡, ¿, Ñ, ß, Ç Æ, and Œ !

The accented letters are drawn as normal lower case letters followed by ...

...stroke to region 1 for grave accent ò.

...stroke to region 3 for acute accent ó.

...stroke to region 2 for diaresis accent ö.

...stroke to region 2 then back to region 5 for circumflex accent ô.

...stroke to region 2 then region 5 then on to region 3 for tilde accent ñ.

œ is drawn like the letter o followed by a wrap around thru segments 5,4,7,8.

æ is drawn like the letter a followed by a wrap around thru segments 5,4,7,8.

ç is drawn like the letter c followed by a tail back to segments 7 and 4.

All the accented characters except the German letter ß can be made upper case by using Shift or Caps Lock. This is one of very few letters that does not have upper and lower case versions!

The inverted Question mark, and inverted Exclamation point are both drawn from the bottom upward, unlike their normal counterparts.

Only the accented characters shown in the image above are supported.

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